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The Nude Photographer II by idaniphotography

This piece is beautiful on so many levels and hits me hardest in the camera :) because I'm a photographer as well. I identify with this woman because she's naked and therefore exposed as she leans into her equipment. From the strain of her feet, the crook of her shoulders, and the twisted angle of her hand and arm, I feel the movement of her as she puts herself into the work. In this way, she is an embodiment of the pleasurable pain that is the creation of images through the camera. The harsh dramatic lighting that the subject is stepping towards is perfect. It not only symbolizes the photographer's push towards some divine precipice, but it also etches this woman's complete topography into the scene. The red satin cloth over her face serves to enhance the expression of duality between the pleasure and pain of image making because it is the color of passion, both in love and in hate, while at the same time it adds a slight feeling of solidarity and comfort. The shroud over her face also illustrates, symbolically, the obscurity of the artist behind the camera. We are, by consequence, faceless constructors, tensing our minds, bodies and souls to find that perfect image, that perfect shot. This piece personifies that perfectly. Thank you so much for creating this piece and I hope to enjoy lots more of your work in the future.
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